All entries in the competition shall use the built-in processor(s) and associated software for their function and may be based on existing platforms.

  • Commercially interesting end product
  • Construction based on innovation
  • There must be a working prototype
  • The product/prototype must have been available for a maximum of 2 years
  • The material must be easy to understand and well presented
  • Representatives(s) from the manufacturer must be able to present the product/prototype at the media meeting

Last day of registration 2022-07-31

First prize

The winner will receive a scholarship of SEK 50,000!

The winner will be announced at the conference. The competition and the award ceremony usually get a lot of exposure in the media. All nominated entries are exposed at Embedded Conference Scandinavia and in media contexts.

More information

  • The jury consists of representatives from both academia and the business community
  • The composition of the jury, including a list of participants, will be presented in conjunction with the judging of the entries
  • The jury nominates entries in the competition
  • The nominees will be contacted by the jury in mid-September
  • All contributions will be answered as to whether they have progressed or not
  • The nominated entries are invited to a jury and media meeting in Stockholm, 20 October, where the entry is shown and presents a 2-minute pitch in English
  • The pitch will be filmed and used for marketing purposes and shown at the conference
  • The nominated entries have the opportunity to apply for compensation for travel and accommodation in connection with the media meeting

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