Welcome to submit your presentation proposals to the 15th edition of Embedded Conference Scandinavia (ECS), which for the first time ever will be produced exclusively as a digital event. ECS has previously attracted some 1,500 participants and is considered to be one of the largest embedded conferences in Europe.

The last time ECS was organized in its original physical format was in November 2019, pre-pandemic. Then it consisted of some 60 sessions in seven parallel conference tracks, renowned speakers from 25 different countries and 90 exhibiting companies and organizations.

ECS poses a great opportunity for the audience to become updated on state-of-art, trends and key knowledge related to digitalization, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and how to manage component shortage through creative redesign.

Because of the compact format of this year’s event we will ensure an even higher quality of the conference presentations and that all sessions provide the very best value to the audience.

Program and intended audience

ECS 2022 will be a one-day, digital event offering one exclusive conference track with selected speakers covering important trends and key areas of embedded applications and technologies.

ECS 2022 intends to attract professionals in all the following roles:

  • Design, software and test engineers
  • Hardware and software designers
  • Project leaders
  • System analysts
  • Engineering managers
  • Marketing and product managers

The ECS 2022 program will cover today’s hot issues in the world of embedded systems, from components and operating systems to standard modules and system solutions, including low power processors, multicore and the new generation tools for faster and safer development. It will cover different usages of embedded systems captured by project case studies, open source as well as important technical aspects. Examples of such aspects are quality and security in system and software development and testing, wireless communications and interoperability as well as various hardware designs and implementations.

Presentation format

We encourage the talks to be related to the latest technology and/or research programs, together with users’ experience and future requirements. Also, we welcome talks on emerging embedded technologies, systems and applications. The following types of presentations will be considered for the program:

  • State-of-art offerings including background and based on clear problem descriptions. The layout for this type of presentation should follow a Situation – Problem – Solution structure, where products can come in as suggested solutions. Pure product presentations will not be accepted.
  • Trends on embedded development and use that are of strategic importance and can help understanding what may come and how to relate to such developments. These presentations are expected to challenge mainstream thinking and preferably trigger discussion.

Keynote sessions may be suggested in both categories.

All presentations will be 30 mins inluding Q&A.

The proposal must include:

  • A headline
  • Type of presentation (state-of-art offerings or trends on embedded development and use)
  • A brief abstract (150 words), addressing the format for the selected presentation type
  • A short biography of the presenter (max 150 words), focusing on current role, experience in the field and previous talks (if applicable).


The conference is free of charge and open to anyone involved in the design, development, integration, marketing, use or support of embedded electronics, or related hardware, firmware or services.

The conference language is English.

Abstracts submission

Please submit your proposal no later than 30 June 2022, via email to info@embeddedconference.com

Contact details

For further information regarding the conference and program, please contact Mats Andersson phone +46 (0)70 108 09 03.